is quickly becoming a staple in the Asset-backed NFT space

Our first collection, RAREtequila has decisively accrued a select group of collectors and NFT aficionados from all around the world, and with more exclusive limited edition in-house collections plus world-class partnerships with renowned brands and artists, we plan to cater to the true Crypto and Collectible Enthusiast all around the globe.

House of the most exclusive NFT Collections.
First it was tequila, now its something else….
Bringing the most exclusive NFT collections and series to our select group of collectors
The sky’s the limit and with an already robust pipeline of future collections, House of Rare aims to be the top player in super-exclusive real asset NFTs
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House of the most exclusive events.

Aimed solely at our collectors and VIPs, House of Rare has quickly become a staple for one of a kind experiences and events.

Our past events have been a melting pot of crypto Whales, investors and collectors. The future will only bring better more exclusive gatherings.




Special Items on our collections will allow for a new way of creating real yield, we call it organic staking.

Tequila Barrel NFTs: Tequila appreciates as it ages up to 5x after 3 years in the barrel, we present this real life yield in a gamefied way where the holder can see the appreciation of the asset as APY.

Holder can then decide when to sell the NFT and will have clarity of the value on each step of the process.

Other applications:
- Aging of Wine
- Car Restoration
- Watch Restoration