House of RARE presents RAREcask, limited edition collections of  Tequila Barrels aged for a minimum of 3 years turning the freshly distilled spirit into coveted Extra Anejo, Tequila’s ultimate taste and complexity experience.
Exclusively harvested, fermented, and distilled for House of RARE by a fifth generation Tequila master in the heart of Tequila, Jalisco Mexico, each barrel will be a custom made piece that only gets better with time.

All collectors are invited to witness the whole artisanal production of their Tequila barrel this coming November and visit its final resting place inside House of RARE’s private aging cellar.

Collectors will have full access to the cellar and distillery to witness the aging process of their individual barrels and will be invited to events and gatherings throughout each year.

Utilizing House of RARE’s latest blockchain technology, collectors can prove ownership, track their assets, collect metadata (like temperature, humidity, pressure) and, if they wish, transfer ownership of the barrels using  House of RARE’s real asset NFT marketplace.



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Exit Strategies

Collectors can freely trade their NFTs on the open market as often as they want and…

After 3 years get the opportunity to:


What happens after the 3 years of aging?
Collectors will be presented with the option to:
• STAY: Keep aging the barrels to 5, 7, or 10 years
• BOTTLE: Create their own private label Tequila
• EXIT: Enter a wholesale bid/offer with over 15 different Tequila manufacturers and receive the proceeds from the sale.

Are there any extra/hidden fees?
The sale price includes all fees, insurance and storage for 3 years, then depending on the exit chosen there may be additional storage, bottling, shipping, and sale commission costs, which will be fully transparent and according to market prices at the moment.

Can I exit before 3 years?
Although we encourage Collectors to keep their cask for 3 years, there is the opportunity to sell or trade their DOC (Digital Ownership Certificate) on our alternative asset marketplace launching in 2023.

Can I lock in the future price of my Tequila?
All prices presented in this document are current wholesale market prices for premium traditionally made Tequila, thus we cannot guarantee or lock future pricing as they can vary depending on macro and supply/demand fluctuations that are out of our hands, but we will always pursue the best pricing possible for our collectors given market conditions at the moment of sale.

About Organic Staking

As Tequila ages, it evolves into different expressions, each step adding to the complexity and rarity of the spirit. After two months, it becomes Reposado, the youngest of the varieties. After one year it becomes Añejo, where the oak really starts to shine through. Finally, after three years have passed, Tequila becomes Extra Añejo, the most valuable and sought after vintage.

Extra Añejo Tequila is hard to find, and every year, fewer producers are taking the time to begin aging Tequila, creating a growing scarcity and rarity as time passes. Our NFT collectors have the opportunity to participate in this real life appreciation that takes place within the barrel.

House of RARE has married digital blockchain technology with this real-world process in a process we call Organic Staking. As the Tequila in the barrel evolves, so does the NFT tied to it, changing in color, shape, and art, so the collector gets a digital representation of the real life evolution of the spirit.