An Tequila Collection like
no other...

Life isn't always NFTs and tequila, but it should be!
Specially manufactured with traditional methods for House of RARE in Los Arenales, Jalisco, our unique Tequila will only be produced in a limited batch of 777 bottles.

House of RARE - Premium NFT Collection
House of RARE - Presents RAREtequila
Tequila backed NFT

The collection

HOUSE OF RARE presents RAREtequila a super limited batch of
777 NTFs each redeemable for a bottle of RAREtequila.

PLATA - House of RARE NFT - Tequila Backed


Beautifully hand-drawn NFTs redeemable for a limited edition numbered bottle of our incredible Plata Tequila.

Ultra NFTs from House of RARE


Avatar NFTs each redeemable for a 1 of 100 limited edition Tequila box-sets.


NFTs accompanied by their own hand-painted Tequila box-sets, hand-crafted by more than 20+ artists and artisans, each box-set a unique piece of Mexican artistry.


One of a kind NFTs redeemable for our ultra premium hand crafted exotic material Tequila bottle box-set, so RARE only 27 lucky collectors will ever get their hands on this precious spirit.

House of Rare has a true commitment of creating the most exclusive redeemable NFTs for the RAREclub. 🍸

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House of Rare
House of Rare

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House of RARE - VIP Access


Early access to the next series of limited edition
NFTs with discounted prices

House of RARE - VIP Events


Access to our VIP satelite events
at Major Crypto conferences

House of RARE - RAREclub Membership


Club membership to the House of RARE

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How it Works?


Buy your NFT

Buy a House of RARE NFT to start your journey.


Flip or Trade

Until your goods are good to go, you may buy more, trade or hodl during that time.



Once your premium RAREtequila is ready for shipping, you can claim yours anytime you want.


Join RAREclub

After burning your original NFT, we will send you a premium membership NFT to HODL.
This is your entry to RAREclub.


What is House of Rare?

Founded in 2021 by Crypto/NFT traders and enthusiasts, House of RARE's mission is to create the most exclusive series of redeemable NFTs. The first series, RAREtequila, aims to unite NFTs collectors and Tequila aficionados by creating 777 super limited edition NFTs.

Why are there only 777 RAREtequilas? 

Our tequila is so RARE that only 777 bottles exist, and once it is gone, it's gone. We found a real jewel of tequila and want to share it with you in a real limited edition fashion.

Where do you ship? 

We will start by throwing redemption parties and events in early 2021; why? Well, because it's more fun that way, you are also always welcome at the distillery to come to pick up your bottle (and meet our Master Tequilero Sergio); soon after, we expect to launch a shipping program that will start with the countries where we see the most hodlers, remember shipping liquor is hard to certain jurisdictions so be patient, and your tequila will be with you soon enough.

Is House of Rare only going to be releasing tequila? 

This is our very first NFT series, why tequila because we had an exciting find by our founder Miguel (read the story here), but the plan is to have a wide variety of exotic liqueurs (think single cask bourbons), cigars, watches and anything else we can make sure you can't find anywhere else.

What happens if I sell my digital NFT? 

NFT are highly tradable assets, and as you know, prices can vary significantly from day to day; if you decide to sell your NFT, we hope it's for great profit because you will be giving away your chance to redeem for the tequila.

How to redeem a RAREtequila? 

Exact instructions will come soon enough, but basically, you will "burn" your NFT by sending it to a burn wallet, and once you confirm your transaction, the bottle is yours, and you get to keep club membership free of charge RAREclub membership card/NFT with all other perks.

What happens after I redeem?

After redemption, you will receive a bottle of the tequila and a RAREclub lifetime membership (exact mechanics to come); the bottle will be numbered the same as your NFT and will be a unique piece by itself; no two bottles will be the same, and also receive some more perks depending on the rarity of your NFT, for example, ULTRAs get a very lovely exotic wood boxset.

Can I sell or gift my RAREtequila? 

You can do whatever you want to your Bottle of Tequila, and we suggest you drink it in moderation. Our tequila is for sipping, not shooting ;)

What is RAREclub and How to become a member?

You are an active member by either holding a House of RARE NFT on your wallet or getting a membership card after redeeming your NFT with us.

How will I be contacted for the RAREclub perks? 

You can subscribe to our newsletter, stay active on our social media or write us an email at anytime.

Can I trade/gift my RAREclub ownership? 

You can gain exclusive RAREclub memberships after burning your original NFTs during redemption; once this is processed, you will get your new RAREclub NFT membership card, you can hodl and enjoy perks, or you can trade it. 

How old do I need to be to participate.  

With no exceptions, all redemptions will need to be made by persons 21 years of age or older. We have the right to refuse any transaction if no proper government identification to proof age over 21 is provided regardless of jurisdiction. 

What are the Disclaimers? 

Here is the Disclaimer: House of RARE holds the right to refuse redemption of the NFTs for a bottle of tequila at any time if they are requested from an embargoed country citizen, the holder is suspected a minor, has previous criminal records or is considered dangerous or harmful to the brand. We will refuse redemption and hold no obligation to redeem at any time or to anyone and cannot be held liable if they refuse to do so. Redemption is a privilege but not a right for the NFT holder.