RAREcask general T&Cs

1. By visiting our webpage, Users and collectors agree to our general terms and conditions

2. RAREcask is a brand of Tu Casa es Mi Casa Ltd (the Company), an SVG limited company

3. RAREcask is a series of collections of tequila casks meant to be privately aged for a minimum of 3 years after which the owner has right to take possession (bottle a private label for an extra cost paid for by the owner) or opt in for sell back to a Tequila producer on a bid-ask organized by the company (sale T&CS will apply, sale fees, extras and taxes not included), Tu casa es mi casa Ltd or any of its subsidiaries, affiliates or partners guarantee, promise fully or in parts any future returns, yield or profit; buyers, and collectors assume the entire risk of their purchase.

4. RAREcask is not an investment or security in any way and is solely a collection of limited edition items available to sophisticated, institutional, and HNW collectors

5. RAREcask collectibles are considered property in most jurisdictions (for example the UK for Scotch Casks). The NFT represents a Title of Deed for this property and therefore has no specific restrictions on who is allowed to own and trade these properties (aside from age restrictions). These NFTs are not considered financial instruments and should not be used for speculation, these NFTs represent ownership over collectibles; ownership can be revoked if any foul play or breach of T&Cs with no liability to the company ir any of its partners, affiliates or subsidiaries

6. About the MINT Passes: MINT Passes are NFTs available for early collectors to save a buying spot on future collections; in order to purchase an item in future collections, buyers/collector need to agree to our T&Cs fully, be of legal drinking age in their jurisdiction, don't be a citizen, reside or have relations to US or EU restricted/embargoed countries, has a bad reputation, is considered an automated buyer or any other condition the company considers now or in the future.

7. Tu casa es mi casa LTd and all of its subsidiaries, affiliates or partners can restrict or stop the purchase of a collectible at any time and without the need to explain or give proof of denial with no liabilities to the company arising from such event.

Last update Dec 2022